Nine Lives Aruba Foundation

Nine Lives Aruba Foundation is a registered foundation in Aruba (KvK# S1631).  Comprised of a team of animal lovers from Aruba, Colombia, Holland and the United States (and many more countries) who have joined forces to stop the overpopulation and abuse of cats and dogs in Aruba.  There are many groups and foundations on the island doing their best to help dogs.  As a result, they are focusing on cats.

Nine Lives Aruba is dedicated to saving the lives of cats (and dogs) in Aruba.  They promote the humane treatment of animals, the benefits of spaying and neutering your pet and strive to educate all to end pet overpopulation.  We also offer shelter and care for cats and dogs until we find new families to love them. We think the easiest/ fastest way to accomplish our vision is through education.  Our team has provided information and conducted seminars about animals in classes at schools in Aruba.

Contact Nine Lives Aruba through and +297 561 9187.

What they do.

  • - Focus on cats
  • - Fostering
  • - Adoptions
  • - Education
  • - Rescue
  • - Spay & neuter