United Dogs Aruba Foundation

In September 2015 we rescued our neighbours’ 11 dogs from the kill cage in Aruba. The journey that followed made us realize how strong and amazing the Aruban Cunucu’s are. Strong, respectful, faithful, sweet, caring and very important, a strong will to survive. They fight so many diseases and circumstances that the odds to survive are minimal. Somehow they do.

The mission of UNITED DOGS ARUBA FOUNDATION is to bring together all these great people & organizations that care so much for the animals. They organize a yearly MASH (Mobile Animal Surgery Hospital) campaign. Together with 50 volunteers 400 animals are being trapped neutered and released. Furthermore they have Petfood Donation stations at Superfood and Ling & Sons Supermarket where locals and tourist can donate food.

United Dogs Aruba is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They can be reached at +31 6 40007298 and mercedes@uniteddogsaruba.com.

What they do.

  • -Yearly MASH campaign
  • - Petfood donation stations
  • - Advice